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Price List

These are the prices for Village Voices Publishing. Prices may vary for different categories and pictures - please check the relevant prices at the point of ordering. The quantity/print size prices shown only apply to prints of individual images.

Order Photo Prints
Post &
7"x5" Inches1 Or More£7.00£2.99
7.5x5 Inches1 Or More£7.50£2.99
8"x6" Inches1 Or More£8.00£2.99
8"X8" Inches1 Or More£8.50£2.99
9"x6" Inches1 Or More£9.00£2.99
10"x8" Inches1 Or More£9.50£2.99
12"x8" Inches1 Or More£10.00£2.99
12"x10" Inches1 Or More£10.50£5.49
12"x12" Inches1 Or More£11.00£5.49
14"x10" Inches1 Or More£11.50£5.49
14"X11" Inches1 Or More£12.00£5.49
15"x10" Inches1 Or More£12.50£5.49
16"x12" Inches1 Or More£15.00£5.49
16"x16" Inches1 Or More£17.50£5.49
18"x12" Inches1 Or More£20.00£5.49
20"x14" Inches1 Or More£22.50£5.49
20"x16" Inches1 Or More£25.00£5.49
20"x20" Inches1 Or More£27.50£7.49
24"x20" Inches1 Or More£30.00£7.49
30"x20" Inches1 Or More£32.50£7.49
36"x24" Inches1 Or More£35.00£9.99

UK postage & packing is charged only once for any quantity of photographs. This cost will be based on the most expensive postage of all the products you have ordered.
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